The A - Z of Workshop Topics for

BioHazard Bootcamp 401: Advanced training for DMs & Concerned Citizen


We all want to be proud of our dungeons. When it comes to the added risks associated with medical, piercing, and blood play, how confident are you about the cleanliness and protocols of your community play space?

This class will be equal parts interactive, fun, and gross. Come prepared for graphic slide shows, very unsexy role playing, and group exercises to hone your critical thinking skills.

Topics covered include:

  • bloodborne pathogen and the communal play setting
  • sharps containers, ew
  • how to handle a blood spill
  • acceptable surface cleaners
  • what to do in the incident of fainting
  • preventing cross contamination of the play space
  • how to spot and respond to inappropriate practices
  • group consent in a potentially biohazardous setting

This class will be equal parts interactive, fun, and gross. Come prepared for graphic slide shows – very unsexy!

This class is a must for all DMs and blood play enthusiasts. It will bolster your ability to appropriately and intelligently respond to concerns regarding this type of play and give you a plethora of resources for further developing your skills

Blood Painting: Needle Play Body Art


Do you love the idea of aesthetically pleasing needle scenes, but struggle with creating perfect designs in steel? Do you want to create something beautiful without using a ton of needles? Do you just really love blood? Come learn how blood painting uses impact and palette knives to give you a new way to make stunning art with your needle scenes.

Body Modification 201: The Cutting Edge

Branding, Scarification, Cuttings, Removals & Mutilations.

Body modification is not really so strange within a culture where identity is often expressed through appearance—in mainstream society includes fashion consumption, cosmetic surgery, and Botox. This is about intentional permanent or semipermanent alterations of the living body for ritual, folk medicine, aesthetics, or corporal punishment. This class we will cover that broad spectrum of why people do it pertaining to the various techniques of such an alteration.

Candle Play Getting hot and sticky with "Artistic Wax Play"


Artistic wax play uses a combination of energy, intuition and movement along with the coloured wax and instead of canvases, we use human bodies. We are perverts after all, and it’s also a form of sensation play, which generates an energetic exchange between the ‘artist’ and the ‘canvas’ – if there’s no response from the ‘canvas’ we don’t enjoy it!

No candles in this skillshare but LOTS of wax. This skillshare is very much a participation event. We will have a 15/20 min info session and then the practical, hands-on stuff begins.



The cane is one of kinks strongest symbols, and its wielder a powerful archetype. Presented by Cane Connoisseur, Mistress Zoe Demure, this workshop is not to be missed. Covering both the theory and practice of caning, the workshop delves into the wide selection of canes available, their respective uses, and shows you how to determine the quality of a cane. In order to ensure everyone follows best practice in safety protocols, Mistress Zoe will explain how to negotiate for a caning scene, including a discussion about anatomy and physiology in respect to caning. During a live demonstration you will observe proper caning techniques, anatomical safety, and examine the different techniques for building play from light to heavy, while learning how to avoid or correct common mistakes like wrapping. You will also have the opportunity to see various styles of caning including sensual, punishment, and judicial, and discuss the different dynamics and requirements for negotiation strategy.

 If the time and space permits, participants will be given an opportunity to practice their caning skills

Caning and Corporal Punishment


“There is a good deal more to caning than one person simply hitting someone else with a stick.”

A cane can be used mildly, even sensually, by a reasonably skilled and self-controlled Caner. But the mystique and the appeal of The Cane, as opposed to any number of other long thin things you can hit with, is that it is used for intense, deliberate and severe corporal correction of miscreants. Psychologically, it can be highly fetishized and formal. Physically, it places great demands on the Canee’s resolution and fortitude. For the caner it is almost an equally challenging exercise in concentration, technical skill, and psychological dominance.

Catheterisation (Male, Female and inclusive of all gender expressions)


All of our classes aim to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, all genders are welcome, and we will endeavour to use safe language by using neutral medical terminology if binary language causes discomfort or dysphoria for participants. We hope other participants respect each other on this matter as well. LGBTQ+-phobia is not condoned in our classes. Consent is of utmost importance in our classes as well, there might be opportunities for demonstrations or guided practice on each person’s play partner, if participants consent to it.

The class will cover aspects of catheterisation for kink play, how to set the scene, OH&S (including urethra anatomy, contraindications and its associated risks), equipment required (and the difference between various materials/ Fr sizes, for different anatomical bits), setting up, the process of insertion, how long it is recommended for a catheter to be left in, removal and cleaning up and aftercare (medical red flags, safety and precautions etc). Everything you need to know to make catheterisation safe and enjoyable

Consent & BDSM


Consent & BDSM Pop culture depictions of BDSM rarely capture the nuance that happens behind the scenes — consent and negotiations in the kink communities that are taught, encouraged, and applied.

Often, BDSM fantasy scenes seem coercive, fearful, or even damaging, but these practices attempt to keep everyone involved safe. Negotiation techniques, safety tips for playing with new people, and concepts such as safewords encourage personal empowerment and are built with everyone’s best interests in mind. While safety is never guaranteed, concepts like “RACK” and “SSC” are widespread, and the communities, conferences, and clubs are constantly striving to orient new members and deepen the conversation as it continues. Come talk about how to apply consent and equal negotiation — regardless of whether you are part of the kink communities or not, they are useful tools for everyone.

Empowered Through Kink – Woman’s Only Workshop In A Safe Space


  • Understanding what Kink can give us
  • Sexual empowerment through Kink
  • Challenging body image and sexual oppression
  • Feeling sexy, desired and in control of your sexual gratification
  • Kink and it’s gifts to positive mental health

Fire Play, Fisting, Fucking and Restraint


  •  Preparation and safety
  • What do you need to get started
  • Incorporation into scene play
  • Practical demonstration of fire play, fisting, fucking and restraint

Flow and Switch


Many of us don’t exist on a binary of Dominant or Submissive, or perhaps we aren’t comfortable or desirous to having a strict power dynamic in place. Eve X and Sai Jaiden Lillith are lifestyle switches who enjoy the fluidity of their personal dynamic. Through negotiation, sensitivity to nuance and fun role play scenarios they can help you to craft scenes where this energy can really flow, as well as being able to feel into the energies that you need to embrace in the moment.

Level: beginners to advanced
Partner not essential but highly recommended
Equipment required: BYO toys, not essential
Contents: role play, advanced negotiations,
learning how to flow

Fucking with Gender


Sure, we can theorize gender down to a non-existent social construction — but that’s not the only way to define gender. Our bodies are part of almost everything we do, and humans use gender as a major categorization — why not have some fun with it? While the everyday sexism and stifling gender roles can tie us in knots, finding liberation in expression and interaction can be freeing. Changing the sexist and heteronormative systems of sex and gender is going to take a while, but we can make changes in our own personal relationships to those systems now. This workshop explores different components of gender, internal and external, and encourages us to break our eyes open to the myriad human gender expressions.

Partly strategizing to mess with the gender binary, and partly validation of each other’s gender expression as a piece of our erotic lives, we’ll dive deep into the intersection of sex and gender, and all the complexities they arouse.

Fun With Needles


What makes a needle scene fun for both the bottom and the top? What types of fun do needles offer? Once you get the needles in, then what? Come learn how to create a needle scene that all participants will enjoy, from the very first poke to the very last pull. We’ll briefly review safety and setup, then cover placement, aesthetic options, manipulation, sensation, and removal.

Gender Diverse littles, pups, subs and curious


  • Creating a safe and inclusive space to explore your
    personal kink
  • Safety, trust and negotiation
  • Headspace and exploration
  • Letting go of fears and expectations
  • Needs, wants and desires
  • The diversity of play – Kinks, multi dimensions and fantasy

Heavy CBT


“If a Saturday afternoon of recreational torture sounds just like your sort of “ball sport”, then forget the football and come along to experience as many styles of CBT as I can include in 90mins! I’ll cover the basics of CBT, from the gentle to ball-breakingly intense, and show you how I structure a scene from the first touch – to the petit mort!”

Heavy Sensory Deprivation


Mistress Tokyo will take you on a broad yet focused journey of heavy sensory deprivation bondage, touching on aspects of rubber and leather play.

She’ll explain the meditational experience that total enclosure bondage can be and show you how to safely explore this fascinating, immersive and downright hot form of play.

Hit Me Baby One More Time! Face slapping for fun and effect


Intermediate level – some experience anticipated. Partnered practical content.

Don’t be scared, face slapping can be super hot when you do it right. We will talk about the risks – detached retina, blown ear drum; practicalities – neck support, trouble-shooting; what makes it hot – intensity and intimacy; and how we can change it up to suit our scenes.

  • First, do no harm – a practical look at how to minimise risk in a risky activity
  • Look into my eyes – turning up the volume with deliberate intensity
  • Use different positions, scents and movements to create and enhance our scenes

Demonstration and practical. It will be hands-on (hahaha)

How Deep is your Glove? Anal play for Every Body

Discussion, Q&A, troubleshooting, demonstration of butt stuff breathing exercises to assist in sphincter training.

More info to follow.

Impact Play & how to use each Implement


– all levels of experience welcome

Impact Play is an area that Electra is very skilled in. Tawsing a client’s hand was her first experience in using a traditional style implement and since then has handled hundreds of different types of implements.

During this skill share Electra will be discussing the differences between implements and how and were to administrate an accurately safe stroke.

Starting off with the riding crop, Electra will demonstrate how this popular implement can be used in a sensual to stern manner. Then moving onto paddles and straps, discussing how the different mediums deliver different sensations of impact. Touching on whips, floggers and single tails. And finishing up with her favourite the cane.

There will be backside nudity in this skill share and the participants will be invited to partake with the demonstrations. 

This skill share gives anyone who has an interest in impact play an insight into the different implements, how to wield each one and the best positions for your bottom to be placed in to receive an accurate and measured stroke. 

Impact Play - "Advanced " No Holes Barred

‘The Tale Of Two Floggers’… Well not really, I use over a dozen floggers, several canes, paddles, straps, quirts, whips and various other weapons of mass destruction.

This skillshare offers tips for Advanced/heavy impact play with numerous toys and techniques covered. Master Jack and his partner, lover and slave saffireblue will be only too pleased to advise, discuss and help anyone with just about anything. If you would like to participate in the practical side of this workshop, then it’s advisable to bring along your own bottom/crash test dummy.

Impulsive Bondage and Play


Impulsive play is one of Mistress Electra’s fortes. To weave a session with what is at hand is what she excels in. Her artistic nature loves the challenge of creating a play scene utilising what she has around her.

Even though the idea of having all the nick and knacks of a play space is enticing and exciting. Electra is fully aware that not everyone has a dedicated room nor the budget to indulge in such pleasures. Hence she has created this topic so she can share some of her tips & tricks with you. Learn how to make the most of what you have around you for those impulsive moments of kink play that do occur in our life. This workshop is great for people who wish to be impulsive. 

It is an interactive workshop, where Electra will be demonstrating first then allowing space for people to practice and play. If your preference is to sit and watch then you are also welcome to do so.

This workshop may include some level of nudity.

All levels of experience welcome

Kink Emergencies


In BDSM it’s not IF something is going to go wrong, it’s WHEN. All BDSM is a form of edgeplay – we’re doing things that have the potential to cause harm. This workshop is all about adding an additional layer to your negotiations, harm minimization techniques, how to deal with mistakes ETHICALLY as well as emotional / psychological triage when things go wrong.

Level: beginners to advanced
Partner not required
Equipment Required: none
Contents: workshopping a variety of situations and best practices in handling kink emergencies ethically and effectively through compassion, communication and preparation

Mindful Consent


Mistress Tokyo presents a new workshop and her consent model “Mindful Consent. Let’s define and describe consent, talk through what it looks like and doesn’t look like, and unpack how to negotiate it in a BDSM context. We will also talk red flags and harm minimisation strategies. This workshop is a short version of the public consent forum to be held by Mistress Tokyo and OKF before the main workshop weekend.

Needle Play - An Introduction


Are you intrigued by needle play, but not sure where to start? Do you find needles a bit intimidating, and want information to help you feel more comfortable? In this 101 class, we’ll discuss some of the dreadful delights and sexy scenes needles can offer. Then we’ll learn how to prepare, play, and clean up safely, and we’ll cover the basics of placing and removing needles

Needle Play 102


Play piercing is done for the purpose of enjoyment (or pain) rather then permanent body decoration. It can be a form of self-expression, ritual, self-discovery, sexual pleasure, and entertainment. The endorphin high from play piercing can create a variety of sensations.  This class will demonstrate safe practices and techniques for those interested in exploring this kind of play. You will be coached on the connections that can be established between the piercer and pierced. We will also discuss the more extreme form of piercings specifically pertaining to Energy Pulls and Flesh Hook Suspension. 

This class is part lecture and part hands-on.                 

Needle Predicament Bondage


This intermediate class explores how to create delightfully devilish predicaments with needle play. Whether you’re binding your bottom in challenging postures, or tying them to other objects, needle bondage offers a variety of unique physical and psychological challenges.

Needles 101 – Safety & How to Engage in Play Piercin


Play piercing is done for the purpose of enjoyment (or pain) rather then permanent body decoration. It can be a form of self-expression, ritual, self-discovery, sexual pleasure, and entertainment. The endorphin high from play piercing can create a variety of sensations.

This class will demonstrate safe practices and techniques for those interested in exploring this kind of play. You will be coached on the connections that can be established between the piercer and pierced. We will also discuss the more extreme form of piercings specifically pertaining to Energy Pulls and Flesh Hook Suspension.

This class is part lecture and part hands-on.

Needles 201: Ouch, Needles hurt!


If causing pain is what you’re looking for this class is for you. After understanding the basics of safe needle practices, we go over how and where to inflict pain with needles using some techniques like Stacking, Zippers, Twisting, and many more for your sadist minds.

Part lecture and hands-on.

Needles 202: Riskier Needle placements


With the use of best safer practices this class dives into the naughtier and more challenging places to do needle play on. Placement of the needles in face, neck, nipples, and genitals will be the area of focus.

This lecture includes demonstrations of the various areas.

Needles for the Risk Averse – Artistic Needles


Needle play offers fabulous opportunities for aesthetic creativity, but each technique comes with its own considerations for safety.

This class explores how to create fabulous art with string, feathers, beads, and more, all while minimizing health risks. Come learn how to create beautiful needle art within a conservative risk profile.

Needles: Tiny and Vicious: How To Be Mean With Little Needles


Wanna have a good time with little holes?

Come learn how to make your sadistic needle play excruciating at any gauge! Discover locations, techniques, patterns, and manipulations that are sure to elicit some delightful screams, all at 20 gauge and smaller… because it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.

No Limits: Why People Play With Edgy Sex


Blindfolds. Handcuffs. Ice cubes and hot wax. Spankings. Obeying or giving orders….

From the simplest display of something like being pushed up against a wall, to the more elaborate contracts and safewords in films like Fifty Shades of Grey, kinky sex is gaining more and more visibility. But explorations of edgy sex date back as far as we have history, and the roots of the current kink culture are with rebels, outlaws, and activists. There are safe, sane, and consensual ways to explore all sorts of new erotic terrain — let’s discuss the how’s and whys of sadomasochism, power exchange, fetishes, and more.

Non-Binary in Theory and Practice


“Non-binary” is a noun, label, and identity, sure—but it’s also a subset of skills and awarenesses that queers can harness and use as tools for liberation. In insular communities like radical college campuses or small queer groups, it’s possible to create and have our non-binary identities validated. But when we get out into the “real world,” it’s often totally different.

In this workshop, we’ll dive into pronoun usage, coming out as genderqueer to friends, family, and institutions, navigating legal forms, arguing with the reality of the gender binary system, and day to day microagressions (like groups of AFAB genderqueer folks being called “ladies” in every restaurant or cafe ever). Everyone can queer up the gender binary system—let’s use it for liberation, elevating intersectional activism, and deep acceptance of ourselves and others.

The Protocol Game


Creating, implementing, and enforcing protocol in M/s dynamics can be hard. Let’s make it easier.

Come create your own Protocol Game and create, implement, and enforce 52 protocols in the next year. In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • how to create a “training wheel” of categories that will drive your protocol
  • how to implement new protocol so it actually sticks
  • how to enforce new protocol with the minimum of effort.

And you’ll walk away with your own Protocol Game to play.

Ritual Kink


Incorporating sex magick and ritual into BDSM can lead to powerful, transformative and deeply connective experiences. From ordeal paths to gentle transmutations, there is incredible potential in harnessing the power of our libidinal energies and creativity to heighten play and create amazing containers. Join us as we explore ways of tapping into the sublime.

Level: beginners to advanced

Partner not essential but highly recommended
Equipment required: BYO toys, not essential
Contents: dropping into ritual space, applying a variety of simple practices as examples ie: impact play, rope, power exchange, tantric techniques.

Scene Creation For Small and Large Scale


  • Designing your plan and theme
  • Recruiting and interviewing Tops and Bottoms
  • Planning, logistics and risk reduction
  • Setting the scene
  • Living out the fantasy

The Sexual Politics of BDSM


We all have some ideas about what it means to be a top or a masochist, but what does it mean to be a feminist dominant or an empowered submissive? And why do we assume that submissives are unempowered, anyway? What’s the difference between BDSM and abuse? Is it healthy to engage in kinky sex play?

Sinclair thinks so. BDSM is the pursuit of giving and receiving pleasure through bold sensation, the consensual exchange of temporarily giving up power or taking on authority over another. In this workshop we’ll explore how consent and agency are key issues in feminism, and how they work in the exploration of BDSM. We’ll discuss different kinds of topping and bottoming, as well as theories to enhance your personal BDSM skills.

Shibari - Deeper into intimacy


From a foundation of best practice safety methods, couples will take a deep dive into connective concepts of rope craft and body manipulation. Utilizing partial suspension techniques as a vehicle on this guided expedition into the exotic landscape of shibari. 

Participant Requirements: The workshop is only accessible for participants with a sound knowledge of the foundational skills of shibari. At minimum participants must be able to complete a reliable and consistent single column & double column. 

Shibari - Exploring Intimacy


From a foundation of best practice safety methods, couples will engage in floor based  shibari craft. Utilizing connective energetic practice and hands on body manipulation techniques as a vehicle on this guided exploration of connection and intimacy.

No previous experience is necessary to participate. This workshop is suitable for all skill levels.

Shibari – Intentional Shibari


There are so many patterns to learn in rope that it’s easy to lose sight of the reason for tying – the journey and connection. Sai and Eve X are highly intuitive practitioners who will share with you a wealth of soft skills and practices that can help you to connect deeply with your rope partner/s. This workshop is not about patterns, but about how to use the skills that you already know.

Level: beginners to advanced
Partner not essential but highly recommended
Equipment required: Rope
Contents: rope bondage practices, sharing touch, tantric practices, soft skills

Shibari – Introduction


What is Shibari? Where did it come from? How can we use it?

Learn some information and basics about this diverse and amazing BDSM play, as well as get practical and practicing with rope.

Stand to attention: Slave positions


Many slave positions stem from history and has become entwined within the BDSM scene
over the years.

During this workshop Mistress Electra Amore, is going to guide / order you
through some of the popular positions, the intention being to demonstrate the advantage of each position for both parties involved.

This is an interactive workshop, with discussions, feedback and input from all who attendwith the aim to allow you to build a set of slave positions to add to your own tool box of knowledge and tweak the positions to your own needs and desires as you see fit.

This work shop is suited to those who wish to learn about slave positions as an instructor or recipient. I request you be open minded and also up for a little bit of fun along the way as we move into each position and explore its purpose and possibilities.

Strap-Ons and Anal Fisting For Beginners


Preamble: All of our classes aim to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, all genders are welcome, and we will endeavour to use safe language by using neutral medical terminology if binary language causes discomfort or dysphoria for participants. We hope other participants respect each other on this matter as well. LGBTQ+-phobia is not condoned in our classes. Consent is of utmost importance in our classes as well, there might be opportunities for demonstrations or guided practice on each person’s play partner, if participants consent to it.

We will discuss anatomy, the risk of strap-ons and anal fisting, and risk management. We will discuss negotiations, consent, warm-ups, lubes and tools required. Everything you need to have for a successful fisting/pegging.

Suspension: Partial Suspension semenawa


Go through a number of different ties in partial suspensions designed for discomfort and that painful pleasure.

Learn how play with different aspects, use lines, precisely control everything we do to our desired effect and the safety behind them.

Suspensions 101


Getting into suspensions can be a big step. What gear to use, when and why, structures, uplines etc. go through various techniques and safety aspects while we learn how to build suspensions with strong fundamentals to kick start your journey into flying with rope

Participant Requirements: TK as pre-requisite

Switching It Up - Exploring Both Dynamics


Switching it up is a chance for you to explore and play with the different power dynamics that BDSM is based on. Focusing on the dynamic of Dominant, Top and submissive, slave, bottom archetypes.

This skillshare allows for the participants to play with the different archetypes while Electra takes you through several exercises where you will be given the opportunity to experience switching between role and exploring the dynamic of being in control to surrendering to another person. 

Electra will be starting the workshop with a discussion on the elements of power exchange. The focus will be on establishing self-connection first with our own energy. Then moving into playing with an assortment of techniques in solo and partnered exercises to establish an understanding of how we each use and respond to the dynamics of playing with switching between roles.

This workshop is designed with the intention to cater to people who are wanting to deepen their own relationship with how they use and respond to the power dynamics and to establish a healthier balance.

Takedown Bondage


In this workshop, I’ll draw from my experience as a Takemusu Aikido practitioner and lover of Hojojyutsu (the Japanese martial art of rope tying on prisoners) to show you some techniques I employ in My scenes to get your sub on the ground and keep them there!

We’ll cover takedown from an Aikido perspective, pressure points, equipment, and Hojo inspired boxtie harnesses.

Attendee requirements: This is a pair-based, hands-on workshop format. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring rope and be prepared to go to the ground!

Those without a partner or who just want to observe are also welcome.

Vagina Fisting- Understand the Pelvic Region


Preamble: All of our classes aim to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, all genders are welcome, and we will endeavour to use safe language by using neutral medical terminology if binary language causes discomfort or dysphoria for participants. We hope other participants respect each other on this matter as well. LGBTQ+-phobia is not condoned in our classes. Consent is of utmost importance in our classes as well, there might be opportunities for demonstrations or guided practice on each person’s play partner, if participants consent to it.

This class is designed to inform and empower the curious. Why would/should I consider this? Is it safe? Would I enjoy this? We will discuss common myths, questions and answers to demystify vaginal fisting.

Would You Like Cries With That? Playing For Catharsis


Intermediate to advanced – experience anticipated, emotional labour.

Catharsis play is intimate, delicate and divine. It offers a vulnerability that needs to be met with responsibility and respect, regardless of which side of the slash you identify with. Playing with catharsis can be one of the most beautiful, courageous and present moments of your connections, and it can open up whole new worlds of experience to you. I will provide tips and pointers (and very pointed questions) that I have collected in the last decade of My experience here and abroad.

  • Know thyself – know what you’re asking for, ask for what you want
  • Soul food – prepare for play and for personal care
  • Hair-trigger – emotional stress responses under duress
  • SURPRISE! What to do when the unexpected happens

Discussion, demonstration, Q&A plus troubleshooting

Yes! It's A TK Class!

SPARX, EMERALD & MissRubyrouge

Kanna ryu is known for its control, precision, sadism, and technical aspects. Take the time with Sparks to look closely into the techniques and thought processes behind the TK tied by Nawashi Kanna, who has taught so many of the world’s best. We will also look at adaptions for purpose if time permits.

Yes, Please, More! Predicament Play, Pain, and Joyful Sadism


Intermediate level – some experience anticipated.

Join Sydney’s very own smiling sadist exploring one of her favourite personal perversions. I fucking love predicament play – it is imaginative, terrifying, giggly and wriggly, and full of novel ways to use and abuse willing partners. It is bondage without a single tie, a carefully loaded question, a burning desire to please met with a desire to burn things because it’s fun! Sadism doesn’t have to be scary and predicament is one of the most joyful of all ways to explore it.

  • Using language to engage, baffle and bemuse
  • Tie-free bondage – the beauty of situational predicament
  • Compression in S&M – the beauty of the Happy Mistress Face

Discussion, Q&A, demonstration of concepts throughout