Weekend Workshop Timetable already booked up? Or just can’t make it over the weekend? You need to come along to our Weeknight Workshop Intensives at Second Story.
Join the internationally renowned Sinclair Sexsmith as they deliver a selection of their most popular workshops over a course of TWO nights. Come to one – come to all! But don’t miss your chance to absorb some of Sinclair’s well-honed knowledge – we don’t have them for long!

Monday Oct 17th: 6 – 7.30pm
Fucking With Gender

Sure, we can theorize gender down to a non-existent social construction — but that’s not the only way to define gender. Our bodies are part of almost everything we do, and humans use gender as a major categorization — why not have some fun with it? While the everyday sexism and stifling gender roles can tie us in knots, finding liberation in expression and interaction can be freeing. Changing the sexist and heteronormative systems of sex and gender is going to take a while, but we can make changes in our own personal relationships to those systems now. This workshop explores different components of gender, internal and external, and encourages us to break our eyes open to the myriad human gender expressions.

Partly strategizing to mess with the gender binary, and partly validation of each other’s gender expression as a piece of our erotic lives, we’ll dive deep into the intersection of sex and gender, and all the complexities they arouse.

Monday Oct 17th:8 – 10pm
The Sexual Politics of BDSM

We all have some ideas about what it means to be a top or a masochist, but what does it mean to be a feminist dominant or an empowered submissive? And why do we assume that submissives are unempowered, anyway? What’s the difference between BDSM and abuse? Is it healthy to engage in kinky sex play?

Sinclair thinks so. BDSM is the pursuit of giving and receiving pleasure through bold sensation, the consensual exchange of temporarily giving up power or taking on authority over another. In this workshop we’ll explore how consent and agency are key issues in feminism, and how they work in the exploration of BDSM. We’ll discuss different kinds of topping and bottoming, as well as theories to enhance your personal BDSM skills.

Wednesday Oct 19th: 6 – 7.30pm
Non-Binary In Theory and Practice

“Non-binary” is a noun, label, and identity, sure—but it’s also a subset of skills and awarenesses that queers can harness and use as tools for liberation. In insular communities like radical college campuses or small queer groups, it’s possible to create and have our non-binary identities validated. But when we get out into the “real world,” it’s often totally different.

In this workshop, we’ll dive into pronoun usage, coming out as genderqueer to friends, family, and institutions, navigating legal forms, arguing with the reality of the gender binary system, and day to day microagressions (like groups of AFAB genderqueer folks being called “ladies” in every restaurant or cafe ever). Everyone can queer up the gender binary system—let’s use it for liberation, elevating intersectional activism, and deep acceptance of ourselves and others.

Wednesday Oct 19th: 8 – 10pm
No Limits: Why People Play With Edgy Sex.

Blindfolds. Handcuffs. Ice cubes and hot wax. Spankings. Obeying or giving orders….

From the simplest display of something like being pushed up against a wall, to the more elaborate contracts and safewords in films like Fifty Shades of Grey, kinky sex is gaining more and more visibility. But explorations of edgy sex date back as far as we have history, and the roots of the current kink culture are with rebels, outlaws, and activists.
There are safe, sane, and consensual ways to explore all sorts of new erotic terrain — let’s discuss the how’s and whys of sadomasochism, power exchange, fetishes, and more.

Supaku Rope Oz Kink Fest Weekday Workshops

A selection of rope workshops by the amazing Supaku Rope Team

Not a TK in sight: – Supaku Rope
Mon, Oct 17, 7:00 PM
Club circle • West Footscray, VIC
Starts at A$92.17

Partial Suspension Semenawa – Supaku Rope
Tue, Oct 18, 7:00 PM
Club circle • West Footscray, VIC
Starts at A$92.17

Advanced Suspensions – Supaku Rope
Wed, Oct 19, 7:00 PM
Club circle • West Footscray, VIC
Starts at A$92.17