The Carnie

Tom Hill aka The_Carnie is based in Chicago, IL however has travelled all over the world. He has degrees in Art, Communication and Theatre, Certified Teacher, Certified Entertainment Rigger, Certified in Bloodborne Pathogens Training & Healthcare BLS/AED & First Aid. Previously has taught at Northwestern University, Lillstreet Art Centre, Beverly Art Centre, and more. Even though Tom has been performing on a professional level since he was a teenager, in college he delved into performance art creations of experiential environmentally controlled happenings.
Founding a performance arts and entertainment company called The Carnival of Curiosity & Chaos, Tom and his creative team built “WOW” happenings for various nightclubs and venues. Exploding on the scene with his artistic hook suspension performance pieces, Tom is an experienced and licensed professional that has been working in the industry performing body piercings and body modifications since 2010, touring all over the USA with national tattoo conventions, as well as lecturing on Hook Suspension and Needle Play nationwide.
For Tom, piercing is a unique and personal experience. Therefore, the specifics and details of each person Tom modifies are not only important, but is the basis of the quality work and open-minded attitude when providing the fine body art. With absolute precision, Tom skilfully executes needle piercings to create complex and elaborate line work that honours the body as a resonating anchor point for the lines. His artistic vision crosses over into the care and attention to details with his piercings and needle play work. The connections are deeply evident when he works, tending to the safety and health of those who he suspends.

Mistress Electra Amore

Known for her Intense sensual and Dominant nature, Mistress Electra Amore is one of Australia’s most accomplished Professional Dominatrices. The depth of Electra’s knowledge, skills, and experience is enthusiastically shared when she teaches, allowing her participants to learn in a manner that sculpts their mind, broadens their horizons, and brings a sense of joy and safety when learning the art of BDSM, fetish, kink, and role play techniques. Electra was trained in the traditional style at the House of Domination in Melbourne, by the original owner Mistress Britt, during the mid 90’s. What started out as fulling her curiosity and finding a space for her dominant nature, Electra has made a career out of being a Dominatrix. Which has led her to work in many areas of fetish around the world including the UK, Europe and Australia. Mid way through her career Electra undertook additional study in Urban Tantra, Somatic Sexology and the Wheel of Consent to enhance her ability to understand herself first and foremost which then led her to understand her subjects to a deeper level. After many years of living her passion, Mistress Electra Amore is transitioning from being an independent Dominatrix into working as an Emotional Clearer & Spiral Practitioner, exploring the subconscious mind and the roots of her clients conditioning, and helping them clear a pathway to the person they seek to be while leading the life style they wish for.

Mistress Misty and Alex Boi

Misty is a professional dominatrix and has been working for over a decade at the oldest BDSM dungeon in Melbourne. She is passionate about teaching and helping individuals explore their own sexuality in a safe space. Misty has been on her own kink adventures around the world- she previously performed in the 10th Montreal Fetish weekend in Canada, worked with Serious Bondage in San Francisco and played professionally in London and Canada. In Australia, she is also proud to be working with her fellow Dommes at Domina parties. Most recently she worked with Demasque magazine and performed at ATOMICA. Having a professional scuba dive-master and rescue diver training has aided her to cultivate prudent BDSM play. She loves incorporating these skills into her classes. Her other interests are: pain, power dynamics, coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Alex boi- Alex is a junior doctor by day, kitchen bitch by night, proud trans advocate (*including non-binary and all gender expressions) all day, every-day. If anyone has kink- related medical questions, he will always be happy to help to the best of his knowledge, as he loves to incorporate evidence-based medicine safely into kink. Many things interest Alex, but he is particularly into pain, impact, sharp things + blood, and will always be up to a challenge to escape from any form of bondage. Alex is neurodiverse and an introvert, but when he isn’t busy running around hospitals, you can usually spot Alex hidden behind a screen doing research for trans health, daydreaming about the next kink event or he will be home drinking scotch and cuddling their 3 cats.

Mistress Tokyo

Mistress Tokyo is a Pro Domme of 23yrs, based in Sydney Australia. She is queer, has white passing and neurotypical privilege and her pronouns are she/her/hers. She is also an educator, focusing on bdsm and Consent. In Feb 2022 she launched “Mindful Consent” - her online consent education course. At Oz kink Fest, She performs a hybridisation of Lyra and Shibari for the first time.

Mistress Zoe Demure

Mistress Zoe is a professional Dominatrix, currently working at Fetish House. She completed her apprenticeship in 2014 and has been facilitating sessions that span the spectrum of BDSM ever since. Zoe specialises in Corporal Punishment, and Her primary interest is caning. Prior to Her kink career, Mistress Zoe worked in the not for profit sector as a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. She is currently enjoying her role, running training workshops for new professionals at Fetish House and is excited to continue sharing Her love of caning with the wider community.

Penelope Dreadful

Miss Penelope Dreadful – a professional pervert of international repute – is a delightful deviant who can resist everything except the temptation to incorporate wordplay into Her biographies… okay so She doesn’t so much resist as welcome temptation with open arms and introduce it to some other interesting excuses for bad habits. Miss Penelope has toured Australia extensively and most recently the parts of the world comprising the UK, the US, New Zealand and Japan and believes there is always a way to mix pleasure and business. As She now has 10 years of professional perversion under Her belt, this is a well-tested hypothesis. Miss Penelope has presented classes on Spanking and on Sharps play in London, and has attended DomCon in Los Angeles and New Orleans as a Special Guest, Mistress of Ceremonies and Guest of Honor (sic). She coordinates a monthly impact play skill share and demonstration in Sydney – The Drum, and runs Domina Parties Australia. She is thrilled to be joining Oz Kink Fest as a presenter in 2022

SaiJaiden Lillith and Eve X

Sai Jaiden Lillith is a Melbourne based gender fluid prodom/me, escort, activist, creator of visual erotica, artist and Shibari addict. Known for their gorgeous and creative rope work and performances, love of exploring taboo and transgression, Sai returns to OzKinkFest to teach their wicked ways. Eve X is a Shamanatrix, Bizarrlady and flesh artist based in Melbourne. An erotic guide, pornographer and activist, Eve integrates esoteric arts into experiences of ecstasy and ordeal. A polyamorous, pansexual, genderfluid switch, Eve is fascinated by power, desire and shame, and the hidden wisdoms of the body. Eve and Lillith have created beautiful content and performances together, and conspire constantly to dance along the edges of light and dark, sensuality and sadism, sex and magic.

Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) is a writer, speaker, and performer specializing in queer sexualities, genders, and relationships. Since 1996, they have been building queer and feminist online communities through writing and expressive arts. Their experience with queer culture, sexual politics, gender and identity, and embodied sexuality makes Sinclair a skilled presenter, facilitator, and speaker, and they have travelled all around North America, presenting at universities, conferences, community organizations, and retreats. Their topics include relationships, gender, writing, sexual skills, BDSM, and personal liberation. They have produced the award-winning website Sugarbutch: Queer Sex, Kink, Gender, and Relationships at since 2006. Contributing to more than twenty anthologies, including Best Lesbian Erotica, Persistence: Still Butch and Femme, and Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, Mx. Sexsmith is the guest editor of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 and editor of Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica, both from Cleis Press. Their full-length collection Sweet & Rough: Sixteen Stories of Queer Smut was released in 2014 from Maverick Press. Since 2019, they have been the editor of the Best Lesbian Erotica series, including Volume 4 (2020), Volume 5 (2021), and the forthcoming Volume 6 (2022). They have been recognized in Go Magazine’s 100 Women We Love list (2010), DapperQ’s 100 Most Stylish (2013), Kinkly’s Sex Blog Superheroes, Top 100 Sex Bloggers, and more. Sinclair holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Gender, Women, and Sexuality studies and Creative Writing from the University of Washington, Seattle, graduating in 2005. Their thesis was on the psychological identity development process and its correspondence to the evolution of the lesbian novel in the 20th century, which is available on In 2019, Sinclair and their boy rife ran for and won the Northwest Master/slave title, and went on to compete and win the International Master/slave title in 2020. While they no longer use the words “master” and “slave” to define their dynamic, they still live in a 24/7 authority exchange dynamic that is rooted in the lineage of leather queers. Sinclair grew up in the temperate rainforest of southeast Alaska, and have lived in Seattle, Brooklyn, and Oakland, and calls the Pacific Northwest home.

Sparx, Emerald, and Mrs Ruby Rouge

Sparks began tying together with Emerald, and they soon both found a passion for rope – travelling both locally and interstate at every chance to further their knowledge. Sparks began taking on an educational role, and not long thereafter they began teaching and performing interstate. Rope then carried through to travelling to Japan to further continue his education. In February of 2020, during his trip to Japan, Sparks was accepted into the position of deshi to Nawashi Kanna Sensei and received his teaching certificate in the style of KannaRyu. And with further development has been called a 'shihan' instructor under kanna ryu. His early trouble shooting, and un-canny memory enables him to modify and skilfully adapt ties to each model. The deep intimacy and connections conveyed through rope is what Sparks enjoys most about shibari. This along with the precision and control imbedded into Kanna ryu, is how he shapes his ties, and create experiences, each unique to itself just as the next.

Sur Jack

Master Jack has been in the public BDSM scene for over twenty years. In that time, he's researched and implemented new and exciting forms of play to the scene in both Australia and New Zealand. He further developed wax play into an artistic form. Master Jack introduced micro-branding to the Melbourne scene, is head of the House of Ashkor, and a former member of the AlphaCarn Leather Family. He was also producer and organiser of the Australian Master slave Contest (AMsC) and was on the committee of Victorian Leather Inc. Master Jack can often be found out & about doing what he does best, pushing boundaries and perceptions and playing hard in the BDSM scene.

Thista Minai

Thista Minai is an educator, author, priestess, ordeal facilitator, and gleeful sadist. She uses her professional background in education to create high quality classes on a wide variety of topics, including sacred sexuality, the ordeal path, catharsis, impact, and needle play. With more than fifteen years of experience in designing and conducting rituals, Thista travels the country championing the value of spirituality and empowerment in kink and BDSM.

Vic and Bexy

Vic has been an active member of the Australian Leather Community for the past 20 years. She is currently the President of Brisbane Leather Pride and is a well-respected advocate for alternate relationships and lifestyles. Vic has been the President of The Order of Seven, Dykes on Bikes, and The Independent Company. Vic is a founding member of her leather family ‘Krave Kink’ and she regularly provides educational workshops on all things kink and alternate lifestyles. Vic is one of the resident DM’s at Haven and has DM’d at many major Leather events. Vic is the current title holder of Queensland Ms Leather and formally trained as both a Submissive and Dominant. Born with a creative, risk-taking, adventurous nature and a highly sensual/sexual drive, kink has always been strong within Bexy. A hedonistic switch and a devoted sub in a 24/7 D/s relationship, being collared has allowed Bexy the freedom to safely fly, and deeply embrace the BDSM lifestyle. Bexy worked has for 18 months as a GRM at one of Australia’s most beautiful Fetish Clubs, embracing the regular platform to meet and play with kinksters from all over the world. Having found not only a lot of fun but also healing within kink play, Bexy takes great joy in meeting new people, sharing experience, guiding with knowledge and trying new things.

Zen Rope

Founded by artists Ash Snare (he/it) and Harley Okami (he/she/they) Zen Rope is a collective working to create safe spaces and transformational experiences in the realms of connection, consent, intimacy and personal growth. Drawing on the practice of traditionally-informed Japanese rope work (shibari / kinbaku), the collective engages like minded entities seeking alternative lifestyle exploration. Founding partners of the Zen Rope Dojo of Melbourne, Ash Snare and Harley Okami join us to share their intimate knowledge and esoteric understanding of the ineffable art of shibari. Ash Snare (he/it) Ash lives for the study of intimacy, impermanence and Other. Fascinating on the texture between things, the tension of moments, lines that lead to the unknowable places. His lifelong contemplations: power, trust, connection and separateness crystallise in the art of shibari. Harley Okami (he/she/they) This gender chaotic creative weaves traditionally informed Kinbaku, aerial circus and human form to explore the conundrums of connection, power exchange, fluidity and gender. Often finding an emotionally purgative nature to the process, Harley expresses an ability to emote a raw, authentic depth of vulnerability and truth rarely found so honestly shared.


1.Seek verbal explicit consent
2.Communicate clearly
3.Be risk aware
4.Know your limitations
5.Respect yourself and others
6.Be responsible for yourself and your charges.