KLUB KUNST returns for a night of Pleasure & Pain!
Saturday October 23, 2021 8 pm – 2 am
There are only limited tickets available for this event entry
We return to the days of the warehouse style hard core play focused party!

You’re not going to find a party equal to this. We will entice you on a journey in the ultimate surrounds
for those who wish to play hide and beat, breath taking (literally and play equipment where ever you turn.
Klub Kunst is about dressing up, . ..we want to play with you or watch you play with each other.
It’s a night of unrestricted play where anything goes!

Non Members $60
Members $55

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APRIL 23RD @ Inflation

The always popular- **Provocation Slave Auction** will run from approximately 11: 00 PM to 11:45 PM including inspection of slaves). Our slave auctions are done in fun, and always translate into excitement.
Imagine having a group of people bidding on you, while your heart is beating at record pace from not knowing who will win the bid. Tick tac,tick tac, tick tac…Ah, the unknown is exciting, isn’t it?….