Provocation SciFi Fantasy

Ever dreamed of an escapade among the stars? Come to Oz Kink’s Provocation: SCI-FI FANTASY, it’ll be out of this world! Prepare for a warp-speed journey to planet Desire at Provocation: SCI-FI FANTASY. This is the interstellar adventure where earthly norms are left light-years behind and your wildest fantasies come to life in a galaxy of pleasure and provocation. In our celestial playground, Alien Queens rule with iron fists, Cyborg Servants obey their every command, and space explorers ready themselves for the next deep probe. Our stellar station invites you to transform into any fantastical character your imagination can craft from the stardust of desire. Rub shoulders (or tentacles) with Princess Leiya, Xenomorphs, Hung Solo and Cpt. Cock at the raunchiest space ball this side of Kepler-1606b.

Polish your lightsabers, turn your infinity blaser to max, and get set to be beamed up.

Join us at Provocation: SCI-FI FANTASY. for a journey to the farthest reaches of pleasure. It’s not just an adventure, it’s a deep space exploration of your wildest desires, and a voyage into a universe where your fantasies become reality. In this cosmos, your daring imagination is the only limit.

Please note the cloak room is $5 cash only per person.

As part of the Oz Kink experience, a strict dress code is enforced. Participation in the theme is not required, but HIGHLY encouraged to add a splash of cosmic excitement to your ensemble. No casual wear, street wear, blue jeans, chinos, or shorts are permitted. Instead, guests embrace the theme, or other fetish, bdsm gear; latex, leather, PVC, underwear/lingerie, full formal wear, or, at the very minimum, all black attire.


Aug 18 - 19 2023


9:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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