Provocation Latextacy

Immerse yourself in a world where shiny is sexy and tight is right. Welcome to LATEXTASY, a night where the squeak of latex is the only language we speak!
Experience the exquisite ecstasy that comes from adorning, touching, and playing with this unique material. Feel the thrill as your skin meets the tantalizing touch of latex, molding to every curve and contour. The allure of latex is impossible to deny, so why even try?
From the latex neophyte to the seasoned fetishist, we invite everyone who finds joy in the glossy embrace of latex. Maybe you’re a Mistress in a skin-tight catsuit, a Master in a tailored latex suit, or perhaps a playful pup in a rubbery romp suit – whatever your desire, LATEXTASY is your playground.
Come and display your shiny finery in all its gleaming glory – be it latex hoods, dresses, gloves, or simply the bold and daring latex pasties. Every piece is a passport to pleasure!
Dress up, show up, and shine up. The night will pulsate with the rhythm of passion and hedonism, latex lovers uniting in shared ecstasy. And remember, the best-dressed latex lover will be rewarded for their sizzling style.
From latex novices to full-on rubberists, we welcome all who love the smell, feel, and look of latex. Medical latex, punk latex, space age latex… you catch our drift!
We’ll have a polishing station and cool down zone to make sure you are looking and feeling your best at all times.  See all of you latex lusters there – it’s time for LATEXTASY.

Strict dress code applies: latex, fetish, kink, lingerie/underwear are highly encouraged.
Absolutely no casual or street wear will be admitted.
No jeans, no chinos, no checks, no plaid, no hoodies.

Tickets available now online or available at the door.
nb/ Door and Cloak are CASH ONLY


Jun 16 - 17 2023


9:30 pm - 3:00 am

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