Provocation Fun Auction

❤️ Provocation FUN Auction❤️

The always popular-**Provocation FUN Auction**-will run from approximately 11: 00 PM to 11:45 PM including inspection of lot numbers). Our auctions are done in fun, and always translate into excitement. Imagine having a group of people bidding on you, while your heart is beating at record pace from not knowing who will win the bid. Tick tac, tick tac, tick tac…Ah, the unknown is exciting, isn’t it?….These auctions are a great way to meet new people! Mistress Mallice and Guest MC,” usually auction off around 10-12 lucky humans, switches and sometimes dominants as well.


Everyone who attends the night will receive auction credits to bid. (Yes, Doms can enter too). The credits are in the form of PROVOCATION DOLLARS and will be handed out on entry to the night. The Provocation crew will also have Provocation dollars to hand out or be bribed for, so remember what we like and come prepared!

If you enter the auction (or enter your sub), you’ll receive extra auction credits to use for the auction to bid on others. E-mail us at: to find out how the auction works if you have any further questions other than what is provided in all of the information.

Each sub/switch/Dom will be auctioned for a service of his/her choosing. The services can range from, for example, serving a few drinks with devotion, being tied up in bondage, performing a dance, giving a massage… all the way to whatever the lot number is up for.

Whatever service is offered, it will be performed during the Night of Provocation and no further obligation outside of the night is condoned or agreed to.

If you put yourself up for auction and are purchased the purchaser has no obligation to proceed and may not want too, this in no way reflects on you – just someone got carried away in the moment. Alternatively if you are purchased and do not wish to proceed you do not have to.

You are encouraged to join your friends thus increasing your bidding power.

If you are interested in being sold at auction, please bring an A4 piece of paper printed in large text with what service you will be offering and if you are offering the service to male or female buyers or both or gender inclusive. This needs to be handed in at the front door when you arrive where you will be allocated a LOT number.

**REVERSE AUCTION!!!**In these times of anarchy and perversion, why not twist things further and perversely change roles having dominants offer their services at auction? Same rule as above will apply.

We ask that the purchasers to respect the limitations of their purchase and treat them with the disrespect they agree to (anyone stepping outside of an agreement will be thrown in the cage and dealt with personally by Mistress Mallice)

The Disclaimer: Of course, this night is about role-play – for consenting adults to have some fun – if this theme offends you and you want to discuss your concerns please email

Participation is voluntary and fully consenting via a signed agreement to participate



WELCOME TO PROVOCATION BDSM CLUBPerformance / Play / DanceProvocation is a monthly club held at Inflation Nightclub Melbourne CBD

Provocation is an all gender inclusive BDSM Play Party for Melbourne’s Kink, Alternative and Queer communitySubmit yourself to an experiment in hedonism designed to elevate and engage all of your senses in our opulent multi-level, multi-room labyrinth of play spaces


We have something special for you, somewhere that you can play unrestricted. A venue that you can explore that is filled with nooks and crannies that will be overloaded with equipment so that everyone can play. You can even dance with a sexy intimate dance floor.

MAIN FLOORDJ Cruise on the decks, medical area, cage, cross, spanking bench, suspension frame, Smoker’s areaOpens at 9.00 pmROOF TOP (SUMMER)Medical table, suspension frame, spanking bench, stocks BASEMENT (WINTER)DJ Domme on the decks, medical table, stocks, suspension frame, spanking bench, and lots of dark cornersOpens at 10.30 pmMID DECK (entry floor)

DJ Domme on the desks, suspension frame, cross, spanking bench, medical table


We want all involved with Provocation to feel super comfortable, radically expressing themselves through kink at all of our events Please read this piece carefully and if you find yourself completely agreeing that all of this makes a lot of sense, then please, come join the party Respect the autonomy of the individual: every person has the right to make decisions about their own body, property, and personal space. What you see as a gift might be a curse if it is unwelcome (or unwanted), so when giving a gift, entering someone’s personal space, or using someone’s property, ask permission first.Only proceed if there is consent between all parties.Do not ever assume that you have consent based upon what a person is wearing or how they are acting.Consent must be mutual, verbal, definite, and given consciously, and persons are free to change their mind at any time.Remember that consent for one act does not imply consent for all acts, and consent given once does not mean that you have consent every time.**No always means no**Our door and security crew have been fully briefed to be on the lookout for any sleazy, homophobic, transphobic, kinkphobic, antisocial, or predatory behaviour, which will get you instantly turfed from the event.

We are an inclusive, pansexual event and require all our patrons to accept and respect this.

Someone’s kink may not be your kink, but you must respect their right to it. If you are unsure how to address someone, please ask politely how they would prefer to be addressed. It’s a quick question and offends no-one, and shows you are interested and open minded.

DO NOT TOUCH or grope people unless you have been expressly given their ok to do so.If you’re unsure, simply check – a quick “Would you mind if I…?” is required and you’d be amazed at how empowering it is too.**The absence of NO is not a YES!**Remember, consent is VERBALLY EXPRESSED not IMPLIED.PROVOCATION ASSUMES NO CONSENT HAS BEEN GIVEN IN ALL REPORTED INCIDENTS.This is not negotiable.If you see something amiss or feel uncomfortable or have any concern at all, please approach a ‘PROVOCATION Team or crew member or our event Security Guards as your first point of call, if you cannot identify them in the venue please go directly to the front door box office and inform the security guard that is always there. Where necessary the situation can then be escalated to security intervention if needed.This helps us help you have a better experience and helps the security team know when an intervention is urgently required.

DRESS CODEWHAT DO I WEAR?PROVOCATION will be operating on a strict door policy. This is to protect YOU from ‘tourists’ who happen upon the event and could cause problems. Entry is at the sole discretion of PROVOCATION door staff and Security Guard who have complete control over admittance.PROVOCATION recommend dressing to impress for a trouble-free entry.Don’t hold back in expressing yourself or your kinks, the environment we are trying to create is one where you can be yourself, the true you that might stay hidden in everyday life… So bring out all that gear you thought was a little ‘too much’ for public viewing, there’s no judgement here and a lot of people are probably going to really love it.The all black clothing minimum is a concession to those who are new to these kinds of events and don’t yet have a kink wardrobe or those who are not comfortable in the more ‘traditional’ fetish wear of leather, latex and PVC etc.PROVOCATION is all about INCLUSION as well as play and fun. We do however require that you make a concentrated effort to dress appropriately to the theme of the night. This means no blue, sneakers, work-wear, day-wear or ‘standard’ club wear. If in doubt, dress up. Suits or waistcoats for male identifying patrons and black dresses for female identifying patrons are a safe choice, we also accept alternative/goth club wear.For quick reference:

YES LIST Leather, Latex, PVC, Fetish, Cross, Drag, Fur, Suit, Military, Goth/Alt/Retro, All BlackNO LIST Jeans or Shorts in any colour, not even black. Sneakers/Sandals etc T-shirts other than FETISH RELATED Street Wear Vanilla Club Wear Work-wear Casual or Smart Casual

Dress code is enforced but the demographic is massively varied in age, background, race and culture.

ATTENDING Information • Please provide your own toys.• There is also a cloak facility available $5 CASH PER PERSON• Dress code is Fetish • Be respectful of the space. – Cleaning supplies are available.- Be Kink & Body positive- Principles such as RACK and SSC should be used for all play- Don’t assume your gender aligns with others- Keep your distance from active play – Condoms, lube and gloves are in bowls around the venue and at the medical play areas

This is a friendly, knowledgeable crowd – and a very fun place to spend a sexy fun night. No cameras are allowed – but our photographer will be on hand to take pictures with your permission.We have the opinion that while your kink may not be our kink – respect is compulsory.



Doors 9.30 pm – 3 Levels Main, Cafe, Rooftop Close 3 am


Apr 21 - 22 2023


9:30 pm - 3:00 am

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Inflation Nightclub
60 King Street, Melbourne
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