Provocation Fetish Fairytales

Have you ever revisited your childhood fairy tales only to discover they got a whole lot darker? Welcome to Provocation Fetish Fairytales.

Step into the shadowy side of nostalgia at Provocation “Fetish Fairytale”, where your beloved childhood stories take a provocative turn into a realm of forbidden desires and tantalizing fantasies. This is the night where innocence is tinged with seduction, and familiar characters transform into creatures of the night.

In our mysterious realm, Prince Charming dons a devilish smirk, Cinderella trades his glass slippers for leather boots, and Sleeping Beauty isn’t sleeping, she is just in heavy restraints. Our dark castle invites you to embody any corrupted character that your wildest imagination can bring to life. But remember – the BIG BAD WOLF is never far away!

A night at Provocatons “Fetish Fairytale” is no ordinary adventure. It’s an exploration of the forbidden, a chance to unchain your hidden desires, and a journey into a subterranean world where your dark fairytales comes alive. In our realm, your imagination is the only limit.

The Provocation experience comes with a strict dress code. Absolutely no casual wear, street wear, blue jeans, chinos, or shorts are allowed. Instead, dress up in latex, leather, PVC, lingerie, cosplay, burlesque, full formal wear, or at the very minimum, all black attire.

Prizes for best dressed, most inventive costumes and drink giveaways for the most creative use of our photowall.

Ideas for dress code can be found on our website

Photos from our events are behind membership to protect privacy

Full rules of play and consent are provided with tickets and available on our website


Aug 21 2023


9:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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