Shigonawa Bingo-san (Japan)

Yoshida Yoi-san (Japan)

Female Kinbakushi in Tokyo. Co-owner with Bingo Shigonawa of Bar –UBU- and -Mitsu- in Shinjuku. Since 2009, producer of “O-Nawa Asobi”, the “Onna Matsuri” female bakushi festival, and the “Diamuchi (whip) play” event. Owner of Good-Studio (Enma), Kabukicho Shinjuku 2007-2011, a salon for bondage lovers.

Yoi goes about her promotion of Kinbaku and encouragement of anybody interested to participate with humility and graciousness. It would be fair to state that she may be the most important individual to have brought the skills of more great Bakushi unknown outside of Japan to our attention and this has helped many experiences the wider varieties of original styles. She is often called the mother of Kinbaku.

“Maybe being bound as a childhood princess triggers one’s own interest in bondage and awakens imagination and interest”


Shigonawabingo san co-runs the traditional Japanese rope-play bars -UBU- and -mitsu- in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo with Yoi Yoshida san, and teaches not only theory and practice, but also the etiquette and philosophy of Kinbaku. He is a friendly and encouraging individual who has taken traditional rope and experimented to refine and improve ties for erotic SM use and has become one of the leading lights of the Japanese Bakushi scene.

“I do not have the word ‘practice’ in my Kinbaku. It is always the real thing. Aim your skills, your technique, and your mind to what you can do for your rope bottom. Please always do Kinbaku as the real thing. Do it, do it, and do it again. Just keep on doing it, succeed with it, fail with it, and then practice again and again. It is only repetition that makes you really understand. Kinbaku is such a profound and enjoyable thing. But, if you cannot explain what you are doing, it means that you have not understood it. You can understand more deeply and find new things by teaching to someone else. Basically, Kinbaku begins by copying, but you cannot develop your own uniqueness unless you have understood the original.”



We’re back. And we’re better than ever.  Or at least we’re going to be … with YOUR help!

Oz Kink Fest is looking for you!

Same Fettime, at the same Fetplace September 14 through 24 in 2018 And what we’re looking for hasn’t changed. We stand behind our original mission statement when it comes to education at Oz Kink Fest. Our educational philosophy is simple: SM education shouldn’t be boring or elitist. We’re not about how well known you are. We’re about how passionate you are, how knowledgeable you are in what gets you off, and your ability to share that with others on an intimate level. Our perfect presenter? One who is exciting, knowledgeable, approachable, no-bullshit, anti-one-way anything, personable, and most important of all, FUN.

Do you have something to bring to the table? Bring it. We’re ready. And we hope you are, too. If our first year was amazing, the fifth year epic, then in our tenth year we're aiming for LEGENDARY!

If your overseas that's cool we can work on making it happen, Melbourne loves international presenters so email away! If your interstate again we can make this happen

The group link for the FetLife group is HERE  the official website link HERE

The festival will take place in the amazing city of Melbourne from September 14 to September 24h 2018.. Oz Kink Fest is a unique event focused on Performances, Workshops/Skill Shares, Community Building and Personal Networking, Education & Fun!

Oz Kink Fest is very focused on a series of events over a one week period which are mostly performance based so we are looking for edgy relevant performers that fit our genre of event. Australia is very liberal with content in performances and we like to stretch the boundaries.

There are 3 larger events in this week for which performers are paid a performance fee and they have the opportunity to further add to their fee if they present workshops. Oz Kink Fest does most of the organising and we pay the performance fee’s however we do not arrange air fares, we can arrange accommodation if requested (We realise our geographic distance!)

Previous performers have been Midori, Lukas Zpira, Satomi Zpira, Lee Harrington, Hajime Kinoko, Otonowa, Princess Kali to name a few.

We have class slots open and are currently seeking local & national presenters for beginner AND advanced topics in various workshops, demos, discussion panels.

If you are interested in performing/presenting, please send the following information (to the email address at the bottom of this post) as soon as possible:

  • Contact information (email address & phone number)
  • Performance Bio
  • Class Title(s)
  • DETAILED workshop descriptions (including specific info as to the teaching level of each class - ie: introductory, advanced, previous experience required, 101, 201, 301... etc)

AS WELL AS a short 2-3 sentence class description to be used in the program book if that class is chosen.

  • A short bio (suitable for use in the program book).
  • Optimal class length.
  • List of any support materials you would need from the event for your classes (such as work table, specific play furniture/equipment/mats, electric hook-up, projection screen, etc.)
  • AND* if you have any other teaching requirements/terms for presenting.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions at all about the event!!

Deadline is August 30 2018

Hit us up with your proposals to Nina at

Mistress Mallice / Di